Why Monitoring Your Application Is Important

Many popular APM tools use domain-specific artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to profile various code types. Combined with application metrics, it helps them to identify the potential cause of any performance problem. As a typical web application comprises varied components, monitoring each element’s performance metrics is essential to measure an application’s overall performance. The […]

Ultimate Guide to System Development Life Cycle

Project management methods shall be used to control the development process. The third theme includes ways to determine the processes (actions) necessary to produce the results as defined by the requirements of the system. ALM includes the entire lifecycle of the application and continues beyond SDLC. SAD interacts with distributed enterprise architecture, enterprise I.T. Architecture, […]

The Power of Natural Language Processing

As you see over here, parsing English with a computer is going to be complicated. In simple terms, it means breaking a complex problem into a number of small problems, making models for each of them and then integrating these models. We can break down the process of understanding English for a model into a […]